Everone Security

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Everone Security is a pioneering company that fully understands current security challenges facing high-ranking and high-risk individuals, enabling governments and corporations to protect their VIPs. Our discreet bodyguards can identify and alleviate threats before they eventuate by applying a proactive, multi-layered, integrated approach, keeping you safe from physical, financial, and reputational harm.

1 Executive Protection Services

Adapting our modus operandi to your needs avoids overprotection, delivering all aspects of close protection to ensure your safety all the time, in conflict zones or everyday situations.

Our executive protection specialists keep a low profile, maintaining a safe secure protected environment in low-, moderate-, and high-risk areas.

Offering bodyguards with great people skills and can-do attitude, working solo or in a team covertly and overtly.

Giving sound advice and practical, emotional support.


2 Covert Executive Protection

You don't need to trade off freedom and privacy for security; with our covert protection services, you get undetected, less intrusive close protection detail.

Our covert protection agents apply advanced, sophisticated techniques, looking after you inconspicuously at every turn.

Our silent professionals can fit in any situation to deliver undisclosed protective services , blending into any operational environment, regular-looking, plain clothes, no earpieces.


3 Protective Services Detail

Our personal security details keep VIPs out of harm's way when they face credible threats and visit the world's hostile, unstable environments.

Our personal protection detail operators have a very detailed background and are fully equipped, experienced, rigorously trained, and thoroughly vetted to provide our clients the highest standards of service.




We provide SIA licenced professional security, trained to meet the changing world, with a service that is tailored to your specific business requirements.


With our knowledge, experience and attention to detail we provide you the client with the highest security support for your business both day and night.


Everone is constantly evolving and growing with modern security changes and challenges so that your business develops and grows protected with us.